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Thanh Tri – Hanoi bridge

Thanh Tri Bridge is the largest bridge in the project of 7 bridges of Hanoi crossing the Red River, starting from the intersection of National Highway 1A in Phap Van (Thanh Tri), the ending point of cutting Highway 5 in Sai Dong (Gia Lam) ). Thanh Tri Bridge has a tonnage of H30 - XB80 : wheeled trucks with a tonnage of less than 30 tons, as well as crawler vehicles with a tonnage of less than 80 tons, meet the load capacity to cross the bridge. The main bridge is 3,084 m long with a total length of more than 12,000 m, a width of 33.10 m with 6 lanes (4 high-speed lanes), a speed of 100 km/h. 

Thanh Tri Bridge was inaugurated on October 9, 2010 - one of many large bridges using Hoa Phat Steel.


Thanh Tri – Hanoi bridge

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