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The only girl in the Technology Department

When in university, Nguyen Thi Lien is the "beauty queen" of the class by the Faculty of Materials Technology (Department of Iron and Steel Engineering), in Ha Noi University of Science and Technology which has only males. Upon graduation from university and work for Hoa Phat, Lien was the only girl of the Technology Department, Hoa Phat Steel Company of Hai Duong. Do not say of Science and Technology girl is hard, Lien is a soft, feminine lotus and also very funny and interesting. Join HPG News to know about this technology girl!


How long have you been with Hoa Phat? Why do you come to Hoa Phat?

I graduated in June 2009 and in September 2009 I went to Hoa Phat Steel Hai Duong to work, since then I have been with Hoa Phat for 10 years. The teacher, Ngo Quoc Long, the head of my university class, once said: When you have been glued to a job for at least 10 years, it means that you love this job, but now I have been working in Hoa Phat for more than 10 years. .


What is the most memorable memory when you first joined the company?

When I first started working, the whole company was all a construction site, and only ore sorting factory was being operated first. At that time, I and a boy in the same room went down to the processing area, because I did not know the location, I strayed into the overflow area, the whole car was flooded up to my knees, all my clothes were wet, I had to go to the protective shed to borrow clothes. At the beginning, you were a only female at the Technology Department, were there any difficulties in the work, and how did you overcome it?

Basically, I learned the right major, the right profession, when I graduated, I also did the right job, so when I got into the job, I was not surprised because of the words, as well as the equipment I heard and saw. However, Hoa Phat's scale is bigger than the equipment that I have met or practiced so I am also curious.

The difficulty is that the technical work in the heavy industrial zone is all men, my office is full of men and only me is a female. However, to overcome this problem, the first phase went directly to my factory, I always accompanied with a male in charge of that factory to ensure safe travel as well as to better understand the actual equipment and operation. Then, I no longer needed. Besides, all members in the room are in the same industry and school, from the Head to the staff, they all know each other so it is easy to exchange jobs, the brothers also create conditions and enthusiastically help me.

What are your tasks in the department? can you share more?

My job is in charge of the whole array of raw materials in the complex including: all kinds of ores, coal, limestone, auxiliary materials, fluxes,.... Planned goods, quality of goods, location, classification of goods and categories for Technology Department to plan to use for factories in the complex, in addition, she is also in charge of the supplies code, ISO of Technology Department too.

In the morning, I went around the complex to check what the actual imported materials whether meet the plan in the classification or the plots of the situation. How are the ports of import and export goods; Warehouse preservation for raw materials; Then through processing, processing raw ore input for production for blast furnaces, sintering, pelleting ....

In addition, I also cooperate with the Factory, Quality Management, Warehouse ... checking unsuitable materials and reporting to the manager and Board of Directors for handling. Then go back to the room to input production data, report the actual production situation and current raw materials to the manager...

Because I am an only female in my department, I am also in charge of the work related to papers: such as official letters, jobs, timekeeping, etc.

How do you comment on Hoa Phat's technology?

Hoa Phat Hai Duong Iron and Steel Complex is a closed, modern technology of iron and steel production from the ore input to the output of rolled steel and rebar products. With this technology, we always ensure the initiative in production, the best quality of stable output, less impurities, high output and most importantly, the closed line will recover the maximum emissions, exhaust fumes and dust in the Complex. The company also focuses on investing in environmental protection: desulphurization project, wastewater treatment, gas concentration control, exhaust fumes, good control of raw material inputs (least impurities). I do this segment so I know it very well.

Each year, the Technology Department contributes a lot of initiatives to the Company, do you participate in contributing?

I participated in the initiative: Mixing synthetic recovery ores, ventury mud (actually recovered dust) into raw ore inputs to smash this mixture into ore for sintering. Each month uses 2,500 tons of all kinds.

What will you do in your free time? Are you often tinkering with technology?

In my free time, I read and find articles related to my iron and steel industry, as well as documents related to my specialty. In addition, during lunch break, I take part in Yoga class to improve my health

Tell me a little more about your family? Probably the "beauty queen" of the office and at home?

I married my husband in the same class, the same school, the same industry. My husband is currently the Director of steel mill of the Complex, 2 years older than me. We invited each other to Hoa Phat, my husband came 1 month before me. Once upon a time there was a female student in school but they all considered me as a male, we only paid attention to each other during our university years, and when we came to Hoa Phat, we would be officially a couple. Hoa Phat will grace the couple for us.

We have 2 sons, an 8-year-old boy, a 5-year-old, and our family is in Hai Duong City, 3km from the company.

How do you "assign" busy housework? Did you share their works during the meals?

In the morning, my husband took 2 children to school, and pick them up in the evening, then my husband went to practice sports, I went home to cook and clean. During the meal, there was a share of work, but only a little bit because I was working in the office, my husband was working in the factory.

Thank you for the interesting sharing!

Hong Hanh 

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